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holistic therapy, holistic wellness, holistic healing, alternative therapy, holistic medicine

Lara Aitken

For more then 16 years Dr. Lara has been practicing holistic medicine using acupuncture and hypnosis in the Orlando area. She have worked with many conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, quitting smoking, weight loss. She has also been a master Life and Health coach for 13 years. Coaching is used to help the individual become their best self weather that pertains to health, improving or accomplishing a personal goal or business. Dr. Lara offers a variety of holistic health services and offers a introductory "discovery session" to find out which services are the best options for you. 

holistic therapy, holistic wellness, holistic healing, alternative therapy, holistic medicine

Krista Knowles

Krista is a certified yoga teacher (CYT), and a registered mental health intern. She has a passion for helping people develop personalized yoga programs that fit movement, conscious breath, and mindfulness into their everyday life. This allows people to find inner peace, strength, anxiety relief, and balance within their busy lives. She believes that when the connection between mind and body get out of balance, this can create health issues that can manifest into chronic medical or mental issues. Yoga can unblock physical and mental stress. Krista can develop a yoga routine specifically tailored to your individual goals for optimal health.

holistic therapy, holistic wellness, holistic healing, alternative therapy, holistic medicine

Allie McTighe

Allie is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian in the state of Florida. Her passion is to teach people how to prevent and treat chronic disease and mental health symptoms, using a food as medicine approach.  She has worked with a diverse population with various chronic diseases and mental health issues including: heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and

overweight/obesity, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. She has learned that nutrition is individualized. It is not a one size fits all. She believes in using individualized counseling to help clients create healthy habits that are life sustaining.  Nutrition does not have to be complicated. With simple adjustments and the right support, clients will be on their way to a healthier and happier life.

holistic healing, holistic wellness, holistic health, reiki, energy healing

Ashlie June

Ashlie is a gifted holistic healer who helps people through one on one consultations. She will introduce several different methods to promote healing in people: the use of reiki, meditation, crystals, herbs, essential oils, sound and yoga while at the same time giving each client the tools and knowledge they will need to continue personal healing. Along with holistic healing she is an RYTT 200 certified yoga instructor who offers group as well as private yoga lessons. She offers holistic healing and intuitively personalized wellness journeys for her clients. 

holistic therapy, holistic wellness, holistic healing, alternative therapy, holistic medicine

Jessica Olin

Jessica is a fitness & wellness coach who works with her clients to help them discover how to UNLOCK THEIR BODIES to MOVE BETTER PAIN FREE. Jessica believes that if given the right tools and guided by the right teacher, anyone can be empowered and heal their bodies from within. Jessica has 20 years in the fitness and wellness industry and has worked at some of the top luxury fitness centers and hotel spas in the country. Jessica is a Pilates Master Trainer, a Barre Above Master Trainer, a Restorative Yoga Coach, Myofascial Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer for the American Council on Exercise, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a Vegan Chef and Health Coach. Jessica also holds a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Rutgers University. 

holistic healing, holistic wellness, holistic health, nutrition coach

Nelson Luzbel

Nelson is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who is passionate about helping those who are currently struggling with panic attacks, emotional eating, health anxiety, and more. Having dealt with these challenges himself, he strives to create a space of compassion understanding where others feel understood. After losing close family members to preventable illness, Nelson set himself on a mission to truly understand what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle on and off the plate. Nelson seeks to understand what fuels the individual and avoids a one-size-fits all approach at all costs. Through crowding out, the individual and Nelson will find simple ways to begin including healthy options which in turn will naturally reduce the desire/intake of harmful ones. He ultimately leads clients to feel empowered about the decisions they make in their lifestyle. 


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